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Storm Brings Tornadoes To Nebraska

Posted: 12 May, 2011

LINCOLN(AP)--  A storm carrying rain, hail and heavy wind may have spawned three tornadoes in Nebraska.  National Weather Service meteorologist Mike Moritz says there were reports of minor damage from Wednesday afternoon's tornadoes. The Polk County emergency manager reported seeing a tornado touch down a mile south of Osceola and then lift up just before entering town. It touched down again on the north side of Osceola. Mortiz says there was minor damage to homes and outbuildings. Tornadoes were also spotted northeast of Aurora in Hamilton County and west of Ayr in Adams County. Moritz says power lines were down and some grain bins were damaged near Aurora but there was no damage report from Ayr. Mortiz says the weather service was going to survey damage Wednesday night and Thursday.

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