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Friday Morning Chamber Coffee Held At Main Street Business

Posted: 28 August, 2015

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By: Aaron Scheffler
WAYNE – A Main Street business has been under new ownership over the summer and did some renovations to make the place look new for community members and out of towners.
The Coffee Shoppe in Wayne hosted Friday morning Chamber Coffee Friday, August 28 at 10 a.m. Their business is located at 211 Main Street in Wayne.
Lukas Rix is one of the owners of the Coffee Shoppe and mentioned to community members they have done many renovations to the place.
“We put in a new floor, got all new tables and chairs,” said Rix. “A lot of new dishware and appliances in the kitchen.”
There were samples of coffee and muffins at the Coffee Shoppe during Friday morning Chamber Coffee.
Lukas said being right on Main Street is important as far as when people drive on Highway 15.
“It’s exciting for them to see multiple cars parked on Main Street,” Rix mentioned. “It’s exciting to see people even driving from two hours away to come for our store and usually grab lunch.”
Lukas may be a little bias when he says the Coffee Shoppe is the best sandwich and breakfast shop in town but he thinks it is more about the experience.
“I think it is more about the experience as far as if you’re looking for a good cup of coffee,” said Rix. ”We’ve really tried to pull both of them (Rustic Treasures & Coffee Shoppe) the businesses together.
The Physical Therapy Department of Providence Medical Center (PMC) will host next week’s Friday morning Chamber Coffee on September 4 at 10 a.m.

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