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Wayne High School Posts Higher ACT Scores Than State Composite

Posted: 27 August, 2015

By: Doug Lowery
WAYNE - A recent Nebraska Department of Education study shows that high school students in Nebraska score higher on the ACT than surrounding states.

The study says that the 2015 ACT composite score for the state of Nebraska is 21.5, whereas the composite score nationally is 21. Nebraska ACT scores saw a dip in 2015, after recording an average score of 21.7 in 2014.
Wayne High School Principal Mark Hanson says that students in Wayne continue to have a higher composite score than the state average.

"Our composite is 23.6, and in most of the areas we're a point and a half to two points above the state average."
Hanson sees this as a great accomplishment, and thinks the system in place at Wayne High School has produced the results.

"Our staff here is a very veteran staff. They have been around a long while," said Hanson. "They do a really good job of teaching things. Our requirements are pretty high. You have to have three year of math. We have the requirements and the staff that I think really help bring those ACT scores up, and a lot of schools in Nebraska are like that."
Hanson added that ACT scores are something that he and the teaching staff take pride in, but said that it was just one indication of the overall education students receive at Wayne High School.

"It's only one indicator of a lot of good things our kids do, but it is an indicator and it is important to us. We have five year trends that show we are pretty consistent."
Though there has been fluctuation in the composite scores in Wayne, they have remained above the state average the past five years. The ability of students in Wayne helps keep Nebraska atop the list for annual ACT scores among states that offer the test.

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