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Wayne Economic Development Takes New Angle At Shopping Local

Posted: 26 August, 2015

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By: Doug Lowery
WAYNE - Shopping local isn't a new idea, but Wayne Area Economic Development and their marketing committee have come up with a new way to show its impact.

Wayne Area Economic Development Executive Director Wes Blecke and the committee crunched the numbers and found that Wayne County is missing out when it comes to just one item.

"If you would buy this one item local, not a big deal just but this one item local, these are numbers that we have found that would come back to the community," said Blecke. "Showcasing that $611,000 is leaving the community of Wayne every year on toilet paper sales. Just toilet paper sales."

The idea of toilet paper goes to show how buying any item locally is important. Toilet paper sales show the impact one item purchased outside of the county can have. Multiply those number by the amount of consumer products that are regularly bought and Wayne County could be missing out if you shop out of town.

"It's not so much about toilet paper proper, it's about the idea of shopping local," said Blecke. "When you are cognizant of what local buying can do, the purchasing power, it's a big deal."

No matter the item, every dollar spent in Wayne County as opposed to elsewhere helps the local economy.

"The ripple effect that that dollar can have that you spend that local dollar," said Blecke. "In turn that's going to go to payroll locally, that's going to go to donations locally, that's going to go to everything locally. That's a big deal when you can start multiplying that out, it's that much better for your community."

If everyone in Wayne County bought one or two more items locally, the difference in a years time could be in the millions.

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