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Wayne County Roads Claim Three Lives In 2014

Posted: 25 August, 2015

By: Doug Lowery
WAYNE – The State of Nebraska has released their annual report of car accidents in the state from 2014.
The annual report released by the Nebraska Department of Roads includes every reported accident across the state.

Wayne County reported a total of 125 crashes, with only two involving fatalities. Compared to counties in Nebraska of similar population, Wayne County had fewer reported accidents.
Holt County, which has roughly 1,000 more residents had 130 crashes in 2014, and Cheyenne County with 600 more residents had 207 crashes.  Phelps County has 200 less residents than Wayne County, and had a total of 131 crashes.
Wayne County’s two fatal accidents caused three fatalities, which is on par with Madison County who also had two fatal accidents over the same time period, albeit with 25,000 more residents.
Overall in Nebraska fatal crashes have increased from 2013, going from 190 to 203. Governor Pete Ricketts hopes that new Director of Roads Kyle Schneweis can reduce the number of fatalities on Nebraska roads in the future after taking over as Roads Director on June 8.
The “Toward Zero Deaths” campaign in Nebraska aims to reduce the number of fatal crashes to zero. 

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