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Land O'Frost Fielding Offers For Vacant Building In West Point

Posted: 25 August, 2015

By: Doug Lowery
WEST POINT – Only months after Wimmer’s left town a new suitor is looking to open up shop in West Point.

The building that was left vacant after Wimmer’s moved their production to Illinois and Indiana might have a new tenant in the near future. XF Enterprises is an Amarillo, Texas based company that has contacted Land O’Frost about renting the property.

Cuming County Economic Development Executive Director Garry Clark says the building would then convert into a slaughterhouse and meat processing operation that could provide plenty of job opportunities.

“Their hope is that if they are the one’s to acquire the facility, that they would like to house 130 to 250 jobs there.”

Clark says the ball is in Land O’Frost’s hands.

“We really don’t have a timeline,” said Clark. “We just know that there is interest in the facility and that right now Land O’Frost is fielding those prospects and listening to those prospects.”

The addition of that many jobs to the market would benefit the entire town.

“The multiplier effect for an operation that houses that many jobs is just tremendous for our community of just under 4,000,” said Clark.

All attempts to reach out to XF Enterprises for comment have gone unanswered, but stay tuned in to for any updates from this story in the future.

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