Peru State glad to be down for just two days

PERU – Officials at Peru State College were pleased to be back on campus on Wednesday after the school was forced to close for two days due to flooding at the city’s water treatment plant last weekend.

Record levels on the Missouri River broke two levees north of town and flooded homes, properties and the treatment plant north of Mulberry St. The flood waters forced the city to shutdown the plant and issue a “boil water notice,” which remains in effect as of Friday evening.

College President Dr. Dan Hanson says officials needed to make sure campus water was usable before students returned to campus on Tuesday after 3 p.m. Students are still unable to drink the tap water because of the “boil water notice.”

“We’re aware of the inconvenience it causes, but we just feel the educational needs of our students come first. We appreciate their collaboration with us on that.”

The college has a supply of bottled water for students and faculty, but it remains the biggest need for the campus. Water has been donated from organizations, schools, churches and donation drives from across the region.

Hanson, who has been in contact with students since they returned to make sure they’re comfortable, calls the collaboration of the town and region “inspiring.” Over 50 people offered their homes to students who were displaced by the closing of campus.

“This wouldn’t have happened without the city taking a strong lead and the Nemaha County Emergency Management was impressive. They worked hard with us to figure out the best time to come back and get the water supply back up. We’re committed to try and save water, because we’re delivering all our (city) water from Auburn right now. What a great solution and what a collaborative effort to support our students.”

The campus was no where near the flooded waters and did not sustain any damage. However, a few faculty member’s homes were lost to flooding.

List of needs from the City of Peru

Here is a list of items the City of Peru needs at this time:

  • Bottled or gallon jugs of water
  • Paper plates, cups and bowls
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Clorox wipes
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Other toiletries

Peru group creates fund for flood relief and recovery

The Peru Community Impact Group has created an account “Peru Community Impact Group – Peru Gives” to support flood relief and recovery.

You can give at any Mainstreet Bank location. Mail donations to P.O. Box 246 in Peru or donate via PayPal to As an organized 501(c)3, your contribution is tax deductible.

A newly established committee will monitor and distribute funds for proper use, based on the needs of the community and those most directly affected by the flood.

How to help those affected by the flooding







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