NNPHD COVID-19 Risk Dial Remains In ‘High’ Category

WAYNE – Counties within the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department continue to see a drop in the COVID-19 Risk Dial.

According to a release from NNPHD, Wednesday’s COVID-19 Risk Dial is still in the ‘high’ category as those who live in the health district of Cedar, Dixon, Thurston and Wayne counties are still being reminded to take the proper precautions.

NNPHD Orange color meaning.

All four counties remained similar in their past weekly totals from December 6 – 12 as Cedar County saw the biggest decrease from 72 down to 39; Wayne County had the same at 43 cases in the past week; Dixon went from 31 to 32 and Thurston went from 28 to 40.

Over 21,000 tests have now been reported with 36 new COVID-19 positives in the most recent update. Of the 2,833 total positives, 1,989 have since recovered and there have been over 18,000 total cumulative negatives for the NNPHD Health District.

Wednesday’s report also included new positives since last report/total positives/total number recovered for each county in the health district. Cedar (6/634/368); Dixon (4/500/347); Thurston (16/808/595) and Wayne (10/891/679).

There have been 29 deaths in the NNPHD Health District with an additional four deaths currently pending investigation as of December 12. Of the 163 ever hospitalized, there were six COVID patients being hospitalized from the four-county area as of December 12.

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